Written by Raptors broadcaster Josh Worden
The 2022 regular season, lasting 58 games (54 official West Coast League games) and 68 days, comes to an end this weekend.
The Ridgefield Raptors play a three-game series with the defending WCL champion Corvallis Knights. Friday’s game at 6:35 p.m. and Sunday’s 1:05 p.m. game will be at home at the RORC, with Game 2 on Saturday down in Corvallis.
The WCL then takes a day off Monday and the playoffs begin Tuesday. Ridgefield closes a road trip tonight in Walla Walla at 7:05 before bussing back to Ridgefield for the final weekend.
The Raptors played Corvallis at the end of the first half this summer. The team in first place at the midway mark earns a playoff berth, and Ridgefield was just behind Corvallis in the standings.
The Knights needed just one win in the series to clinch the first half title, while Ridgefield needed a sweep to earn the same thing.
Ridgefield blew out Corvallis in Game 1, went back to Ridgefield for a Game 2 victory and then dropped a close finale on July 7, narrowly missing the first half title.
So, Corvallis will be the #1 seed in the playoffs no matter what, the reward for winning the first half. Ridgefield has spent most of the second half in third or fourth place in the standings. Four teams make the postseason from each division.
The two home games against Corvallis will feature a video stream at RidgefieldRaptors.com, where tickets can also be purchased or at the gate. Saturday’s game in Goss will also be covered with a live stream (audio only) at the same link.