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  1. Second WCL Series to Begin Against Edmonton
  2. Early Divisional Test
  3. 2023 Campaign Set for Thursday
  4. Welcome Quincy Scott & Charlie Royle to the 2023 Roster
  5. Raptors Add 2 Pitchers from Pepperdine

Donation Request

The Ridgefield Raptors thank our fans for the continued community support we receive summer after summer, so it makes sense that we love to give back to our community! This is the official donation request form for in-kind donations.

The Ridgefield Raptors do not give monetary donations, only in-kind donations. Please make donation requests at least a month in advance to give us adequate time to send you your items. The likelihood of filling donations drastically decrease with any less than a months notice until your event.

Businesses are expected to come to the office or field to pick up any donated merchandise.

Any additional questions can be made out to