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West Coast League

18 Dec
Peter Allegro

He attended Bellarmine Prep High School in Tacoma and plays for the University of Portland. “It’s super exciting that we have a brand new team here. A lot of the guys are from all over the place, and we’re really getting along. I think it’s going to be a really good year for Ridgefield.” Fun…

23 Nov
Michael Hicks

Played for Coeur d’Alene High School. Went to the University of Portland for a couple years and now is back in his home state, preparing to play for Boise State. So yes, he had heard of Ridgefield. Still, he was impressed with Tuesday’s opener. “Last night was awesome. Good turnout,” he said. Fun fact: The…

23 Nov
Wesley Harper

He grew up in San Jose, Calif., and is set to play for Boise State University. “I had never heard of it before my coach said we’re going to send you to Ridgefield this summer. I immediately went to Google to ‘google’ Ridgefield. Alright, let’s see where it is.” So far, he is impressed. “It’s…