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Working for the Ridgefield Raptors!

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The Ridgefield Raptors strive to present a fun and memorable atmosphere for all of our AMAZING fans that come to support our team. We look for Raptors staff members who we think can provide that service consistently throughout the season.

What to Expect: Schedule
The Ridgefield Raptors play 30+ home games in a three-month time span, which makes for sometimes VERY busy weeks. The West Coast League schedules games Tuesday-Sunday including holidays. We are looking for staff that is available for a majority, if not the entirety, of our schedule.

Certifications/Permits Needed
All staff members are expected to obtain their food handlers permit. If 18 or older, we will ask if you are willing to get your alcohol server permit. All shifts worked as an alcohol server earns a larger share of tips made at the park.

Job Descriptions
Below are the potential jobs that could be scheduled to our staff.

Food Service

This position interacts with the public the most. Looking for patient workers who enjoy speaking to our fans. Sometimes this involves calmly diffusing small issues or contacting an operations worker to solve a larger scale issue. Below are some of the duties of a cashier:
– Quick friendly service taking accurate orders
– Relaying orders to order prep workers
– Cleaning during slow innings
– Assist with post game clean up
– Additional duties as assigned

The grill person shows up early to the game in order to prepare food for when the gates open. No prior experience necessary as we will train you. Grill people also get a bigger share of tips from the park. Below are some of the duties of the grill:
– Prepping grill station
– Grilling meats to appropriate temperatures
– Using proper care when handling meats as to not cross contaminate
– Keeping grill station clean throughout the shift
– Additional duties as assigned

The fryer works throughout the game to make sure fries are always filled and chicken strips are always on stand-by. Below are some duties of the fryer:
– Checking fryer freezer is stocked before and after the game
– Prepping food prior to concession stand opening
– Filtering fryer after the game
– Additional duties as assigned

Our online food ordering app is all for convenience of our fans. We dedicate one person who works on fulfilling these orders as we receive them. Below are duties of fanfood:
– Checking menu before game to make sure it is up to date and prices match
– Correctly picking up orders via the app to notify customers their order is being worked on
– Fulfilling order and correctly labeling bags
– Completing order via the app to notify customer the food is ready
– Updating menu throughout the shifts if something becomes unavailable
– Additional duties as assigned

Order Prep/Window Service
This position requires workers to speak with customers on what they are missing from their order and delivering the food to the window in a timely fashion. This person must have efficient communication skills to relay to the grill and other concession members what is needed to hand over to the customers. Below are the duties:
– Relaying orders to kitchen
– Prepping burgers, sandwiches and hotdogs
– Prepping buns for quick assembly
– Baking pizzas as inventory runs low
– Assisting customers with receiving order
– Additional duties as assigned

Alcohol Servers
We are looking for 18 to 21+ employees to pour and serve beer to our fans. Below are the duties:
– Checking that kegerators are pouring correctly
– Prepping station with cups and snacks before the gates open
– Checking ID’s before serving customers
– Notifying staff when running low on inventory
– Making sure not to overserve
– Cleaning up tent and putting away all items after the 7th inning
– Additional duties as assigned

Other Positions

Our ticket staff are incredibly important as they are the first people our fans see! This specific staff is expected to know the most about the park, tickets, and the team to best direct the fans to the seats and answer any questions they may have. Below are ticket staff’s duties:
– Scanning tickets as fans enter
– Directing fans to their seats
– Keeping fans from bring prohibited items into the park
– Selling tickets to fans as they arrive
– Explain the different seats and prices in the park
– Execute any upgrades as requested by fans
– Handling will call for fans as they walk up
– Breaking down the ticket tents and returning all equipment and money to the operations staff
– Additional duties as assigned

Guest Services
This position is used to assist fans in the stadium by handing out Raptor’s giveaway items and directing fans to their seats.
– Directing fans to their seats
– Answering questions about the park or directing them to staff that can assist in an issue
– Handing out Raptors giveaways
– Greeting fans as they enter
– Assisting with any issues or concerns that may arise

For this position we are looking for a dedicated individual who can attend all games over the summer. This person will need to stay up to date on new merchandise that comes in and displaying the merchandise in a visually pleasing fashion.
– Set-up and break down of merchandise display
– Keeping register up to date with new items
– Answering customer questions
– Providing friendly service
– Additional duties as assigned

Click here to download Employment Application (PDF)