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  1. Ridgefield Raptors Welcome Pennsylvania Pitcher Josh Sidney
  2. Ridgefield Raptors Add Two Zags to the 2019 Roster
  3. Ridgefield Raptors Sign Gonzaga University Pitcher Daniel Copeland
  4. Ridgefield Raptors Sign University of Oregon Catcher Aaron Zavala
  5. Ridgefield Raptors sign University of Portland Freshman Peter Allegro

Group Packages

Group outings offer a fun and memorable night with the Raptors and can be shaped in a variety of ways.  Whether you are looking for a night on our deck with friends, or a birthday party for young fans, the Raptors have all you need for a great experience!

Packages Include

  • Sport team outing
  • Birthday parties
  • Party deck
  • Work functions

Need more? Consider joining us in our luxury suite behind home plate and catch the game from an elevated level for an all-inclusive, catered event with the Raptors. Perfect for large group, or corporate events.

For more information (to customize your group) or to secure your group outing call 360-887-0787.